Hey, travelers! Tired of researching and planning?
Say hello to your personal AI Travel Assistant.
Gems Around is helping you discover Instagrammable spots and hidden gems, plan efficient itineraries, and get real-time updates from fellow travelers. Skip the research and start exploring!

What's unique about Gems Around?
Gems Around isn’t just another AI travel assistant. It’s your personalized travel assistant that does more than just suggest places to visit. Our smart AI listens to what you like and the time you've got, then quickly plans your trip with cool spots and local gems. Our AI gets smarter with every trip you take. Plus, our vibrant community of explorers keeps you in the loop with live updates and hidden gems, so your travels are always personal, always up-to-date, and always uniquely yours.
See It, Tap It, and You're There!
Discover with a tap – our image-driven interface replaces text-heavy chatbots, making your travel planning as simple as browsing a gallery.
Instant Adventure Awaits
Just open Gems Around. Our app spots the must-sees and hidden gems nearby, all based on traveler recommendations and your personal preferences. Swipe through images to find your next stop – no planning needed, just pure discovery.

Plus, uncover international gems and exciting travel opportunities waiting just beyond the horizon.
Easy AI Itinerary Builder
Whether you've got just a few hours or a full two weeks, our app makes planning simple. Just tell it your time and likes, and watch as it lines up the perfect spots to fill your trip, no sweat. Add, drop, or swap spots anytime. Our AI adapts your itinerary on the fly, ensuring you'll always have time to spare for your next flight.
Community Powered
Unlock the true spirit of travel with the insights of fellow wanderers. Just like marking road alerts in Waze, our app lets you effortlessly flag real-time updates on gems—ensuring you know if they're closed or crowded. Real traveler photos guarantee the sights live up to the hype, making every discovery an experience that meets expectations.
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